Organic word-of-mouth marketing for e‑commerce

Authentic and scalable social media marketing built to help growth and brand presence

Fantap rewards customers who share photos of your products with their friends on Instagram

Our Mission

Organic growth based on word-of-mouth is the dream for most store owners. It means your customers are doing your marketing for you.

But it's difficult to stimulate genuine conversations between friends - and it's even harder to measure and create metrics around its effectiveness.

Our mission is to grow the social impact of your brand, measure the effects of it, and maintain the human aspect which makes the medium so powerful.

Influencer marketing but without the marketing

So how do we get regular people to recommend your brand to a friend? This isn't like traditional influencer marketing or affiliate programs, where celebrities send a message to thousands of fans. This is delicate and personal.

We solve the problem using 3 key concepts:

  1. Use existing social networks such as Instagram and Facebook
  2. Let the user post their own content. This means their own photos, with their own descriptions, and not something fake and obviously written by a marketer
  3. Provide you, the shop owner, with metrics to build campaigns and track the effectiveness of your campaigns

Genuine human conversations, but with all the metrics of software

How does Fantap improve my sales?

We're currently performing all installations manually to make sure you get the best experience with Fantap. Leave your email below to get started.